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exterior painting Wauconda
Wauconda power washing

Nathan O., Wilmot, Wi. May  2014, Angie’s List - Testimony

This was a very challenging job there was a lot of scraping and repair along with a ton of caulking. This house is well over 100 years old and as you can see the restoration results are impressive. We used Sherwin Williams paints on this entire project. This customer was so satisfied he offered to keep my sign in his yard for the summer.

Nathan O., Wilmot, Wi. exterior home painting work
Nathan O., Wilmot, Wi.
Nathan O., Wilmot, Wi. (used Sherwin Williams paints)
Nathan O., Wilmot, Wi.

Matthew Walter,   Sharon WI. August 29th 2015- Angie’s List - Testimony

A lot of preparation went into this house. The use of my boom lift insured quality in all areas. We used Sherwin Williams’s paints on this entire project. With a specialized coating on Porch and decking to issuer last job. Specialized coatings were applied to porch and decks.

Matthew Walter
exterior painting
Matthew Walter,  Sharon WI.
Matthew Walter,   Sharon WI

Janet Cooper, Richmond Il. August 1st 2015-Angies list - Testimony

This 100 year old plus home we returned to her glory with plenty of preparation and quality painting work.

Richmond Il. exterior paint
Janet Cooper Illinois paint job
Richmond Il. exterior

Robert Weaver, Twin Lakes WI. September 24th 2015- Angies List-  Testimony

This customer provided Sherwin Williams top of the line Emerald paint that will flash and leave overlap marks if not applied correctly. I repainted house after competitor got asked to leave. Job looked great!

Twin Lakes WI exterior painting

Thomas T., Johnsburg, July 2014, Angie’s List - Testimony

This was a very well maintained home We made repairs, and re-caulked. We change color of siding, the trim and rear deck. We used Benjamin-Moor Arborcoat premium stain through out entire job.

Thomas T., Johnsburg (repairs and re-caulked)
Thomas T., Johnsburg, exterior painting
Thomas T., Johnsburg, project including exterior staining
Thomas T., Johnsburg, exterior paint job

Re-stain of log home front deck and remote lake dock. The customer was very pleased with job.

Thomas T., Johnsburg, restaining of deck
Thomas T., Johnsburg

Angela E., Johnsburg, May 2014, Angie’s List - Testimony

This was a well maintained home. We made repairs to deck, changed color of front door using Sherwin Williams Duration paint and two coated cedar siding with Benjamin-Moor Arbor coat premium stain.

Angela E., Johnsburg, Sherman Williams Duration
Angela E., Johnsburg, Benjamin-Moor Arbor coat premium stain

Grand 110 year old home restored back to here glory. with much repair tons of caulking and plenty of detail work as you can see. Customer was very pleased with the work.

Grand 110 year old home restored back to here glory
much repair of tons of caulking
plenty of detail exterior paint work

On commercial and residential jobs, we are able to use boom lift for pressure washing, painting and repairs gives us a competitive edge.  We quickly reach  up and over completing work faster for less . In many situations we can reach the majority of a job with just one move. Battery operated boom lift reaching 43' heights and out 32'

boom lift for pressure washing, painting and repairs
boom lift for painting and pressure washing

Jim & Ruth C., Wauconda, IL, September 2013 - Testimony

Neat selection of colors featuring  Benjamin Moore "Regal Select" two coats.  Paint lines have to be perfect not only at ceiling but along walls where color changes from "color, white and color again". Shows expert technique.

Jim & Ruth C., finished painting job in Wauconda, Illinois
Jim & Ruth C., finished interior

Once again very nice transition from one color to another, plus perfectly straight cut lines will turn plain into very cool.  Add some tasteful wall art and this space becomes a show piece. "Nice job Ruth"
Jay has  Expert tips (How to paint a room)

interior house painting on Jim & Ruth C. project
Jim & Ruth C. interior Lake County, Il painting project

Kenneth D., August 2013 Angie's List - Testimony

Picture was taken after power washing was done.
House was very dirty but  with correct detergents, it cleaned up well.

after power washing was done

Soffit and fascia was originally built incorrectly, plus drip edge had not been installed. We corrected framing and installed drip edge before re- installing gutters. Rotten trim on this home was either replaced or repaired with Durham's rock hard putty.‎

We corrected framing and installed drip edge before re- installing gutters.

Nice job, Paint and repairs complete.

After Jay's Quality Painting

John D., September 2013, Angie's List - Testimony

Power washed and actually soft washed, and hand washed a lot of areas. Did considerable repairs on garage door and entrance including wood filling work.  Prepared and painted window and other trim. I used Benjamin Moore on this job. A lot of small repair and detail on this residence.  

John D. project
John D. exterior

Some wood on front door post was rotted but salvageable. I use Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty whenever repair is more budget-minded than replacement. Garage door probably should have been replaced. 50 year old door was a challenge but still operated fine so we saved it.

front door post repaired
garage door repaired

Brick was soft washed, re-sanded and sealed...
"aggressive power washing will cause damage".  
I used a relatively new product that not only seals brick but
also hardens sand joints, "Much better system"

soft washed, re-sanded and sealed brick

Concrete aggregate was power washed & Expansion Boards repaired. Fine cracks were recaucked.  The silicon that was used previously was a poor choice and was mostly missing. Since I had the time before sealing I used Urethane caulk. Urethane caulk is very good for this application but needs to cure at least 2 days before sealing aggregate. A little extra service went into this job.  We replaced 7 window well covers...professionally installed. Job was left neat and complete.

power washed concrete aggregate
window well covers replaced

John M., September 2013 Angie's list - Testimony

Did a bunch of small we restored a porch railing that was in bad shape.  We scraped, sanded and filled damaged railing, then painted two coats. Customer was very pleased.

John M porch railing

Repaired vinyl siding, painted doors and shutters, installed a window and O.M.G. restored a weather vane. I need to learn when to say no.

John M exterior

Sentimental piece, weather vane had to be removed from
8/12 steep roof and then re-constructed.

John M weather vane prior to work
John M weather vane being repaired

Rebuilt weather vane reinstalled perfectly. I was someone's hero today.

John M reconstructed weather vane

Laurie M., October 2013 - Testimony

Power washed aluminum sided home, large garage, aluminum sided shed and  wood deck. Made numerous repairs, then painted buildings with two coats of Sherwin Williams "super paint" flat. Sherwin Williams "Duration" semi gloss on windows and trim, and Cabot solid stain two coats on deck.

Chris and Jessica M. painting job

Aluminum siding corners were crunched. My competition wanted to cap with wood. Come on boys, no guts no glory. I drew on my siding background and replaced two corners. Customer was really pleased.

Crunched siding
Siding fixed

Second corner repair

2nd siding needed fixing
2nd siding area repaired

New corners match perfectly

Corners repaired & matched
Repaired corners match perfectly

Deck: before and after

Deck before
Deck after Jay's repair

James W., July 2013

Type of work: Carpentry - Woodworking,  staining siding & deck

House after being power washed. Siding and shutters were stained with two coats of Cabot solid stain. Garage doors were repaired and painted.

Power washed and before staining

Deck and house were very dirty and needed several repairs.

Deck before Jay's Painting

Deck after power wash and sanding:
extra preparation, scrapping and sanding was done.

Deck after power wash and sanding

We applied an extra third coat of Cabot solid deck stain on walkway.   This customer was concerned with deck being slippery so we responded by incorporating a product called Homax 8600 Texture Paint Additive.  Tread Tex creates a non slip finish.  Care was given to let stain dry between coats.

After Jay's Painting
Homax 8600 Texture Paint Additive used for non-slip finish
House at completion of project

Ed J., Twin Lakes Wi. September 2014, Angies list  - Testimony

This beautiful home was over due to be re-stained. We thoroughly power  washed and made repairs. Then we brushed on two coats of Rymar oil based   penetrating  stain.  Our work beautified, restored and will protected home for years to come. see before and after pictures.

Ed J - Twin Lakes, Wi - porch
Ed J - TwinLakes Wi, front
Ed J - Twin Lakes, Wi - side
Ed J - Twin Lakes, Wi - back

Paul N. Burlington Wi.,  July 2014, Angie’s List  - Testimony

We changed both siding and door colors, siding stained red with green doors. Was perfect for county setting. Customer loved it. See 1 Before and  2 after photos:

Paul N. - Burlington, Wi - garage before
Paul N. - Burlington, Wi - garage after
Paul N. - Burlington, Wi

Doug I. Twin Lakes Wi., July 2014, Angie’s List  - Testimony

Home owner started project. We completed project, including carpentry and painting. 1 before and two after pictures:

Doug I - Twin Lakes, Wi - before
Doug I - Twin Lakes, Wi - side after
Doug I - Twin Lakes, Wi - front after

Tom F. Spring Grove Il.,  September 2014,  Angie’s List  - Testimony

The last time this house was painted it was improperly done. We had to power wash thoroughly and scrape majority of house. Silicon caulk was used that cannot be painted had to be cut out and redone correctly. All bare wood was primer painted and then quality top coat painting was completed.  Restoration with new colors on siding, trim and doors turned out great. Before and after transformation pictures to follow.

Tom F - Spring Grove, Il - back before
Tom F - Spring Grove, Il - during project
Tom F - Spring Grove, Il - back after
Tom F - Spring Grove, Il - after
Tom F - Spring Grove, Il - front after

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